Company Profile

Foundation (2009)

one of oldest graphics of the company containing images of all 9 members

CSTLabs was founded in the year 2009 by a group of 9 ambitious young students under the name of "Creative Software Technologies" as a Java technology based Software Development Company. By the time of foundation all members were students of Professional Certificate of Java Technology course at Institute of Java and Technological Studies, Sri Lanka.

The main catalyst behind the foundation of the company was the Project "I-Man" (Institute Manager), an institute management software solution which started as a software development project for the PCJT course.

Soon after completion of the PCJT course, "Creative Software Technologies" was formed with the same team of 9 members under the leadership of Mr. Mahesh Chaturanga and continued development of I-Man system for one of leading English tutors of the country, Mr. Pujitha Wijesinghe .

Progress as Creative Software Technologies (2009-2010)

Company extended its collaboration with its first client by providing web development services and consultation services for the process of automating Excursion Language centers with the I-Man system. The entire project period was more than 1 year.

During this time period company has done many projects including Point of Sales systems for small businesses and a voluntary involvement on a pilot project for designing software system of Neuro Trauma unit for National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Restructuring and becoming CSTLabs (2011)

New logo of the company

Company underwent a major change with the start of year 2011. Co-Founder Akila Panditha became the second C.E.O of the company. Also company made major change in their business model under new leadership and became a technology solution provider for business automation industry. To emphasize the new approach, the name of the company was also changed from Creative Software Technologies to CSTLabs. With the new structure, company now operates under four separate divisions specializing in four major avenues in office automation and dedicated sales and marketing division to provide faster and quality service to its customers.

Structure of the Company

New logo of the company

Sales and Marketing Division

This division is supervised directly by Chief Marketing Officer of the company. This division is dedicated for handling all products and services related marketing responsibilities of the company. This division consists of qualified team of sales and marketing personnel with technical backgrounds to provide quality service to our clients.

Business Solutions Division

This division is the largest and most important division of the company as all software development activities are handled under this division. This division is supervised directly by the Chief Technical Officer of the company. This division consists of skilled and qualified team of software architects, software engineers and quality assurance engineers to develop state of art software solutions for our customers.

Web Solutions Division

This division is responsible for developing and maintaining all web solutions provided by the company to its clients. This division is consisting of Web developers, designers and support staff to handle maintenance tasks of the web solutions.

Automation Division

This division is the youngest in the company. This division is formed to provide industrial automation services for our customers. A Qualified team of automation engineers are working under this department to provide modern automation solutions to fulfill our customer requirements within minimal setup and maintenance costs. Also being a software development company, it allows us to provide customized software control systems bundled with automation systems.

Hardware and Support Division and Networking Division

These two divisions take the responsibility of setting up hardware and network infrastructure for both software and automation projects done by the company. In most cases our clients seek help in setting up necessary infrastructure and these two divisions contain teams of qualified technicians who can do consultations and supervise procedures for our customers. We also undertake full installations of computer hardware components, Network infrastructure and office automation equipment like IP cameras and POS machines .